Section Code: 0092 - 0094

Criminal Code


Chapter 8: Recidivism

Section 92. Subsequent Convictions

If whoever, having been adjudged finally to be convicted by imprisonment, has committed any subsequent offence during the time still having to undergo the punishment, or within five years as from the date of passing the punishment, if the Court will sentence for the subsequent offence to be imprisoned, the Court shall increase the punishment to be inflicted upon such person by one-third of the punishment as prescribed by the Court for the subsequent offence.

Section 93. Recidivist

Whoever, having been convicted of a prior offence by a final judgment, commits any subsequent offence as specified in the following sub-sections during the time he still has to undergo the punishment, or within three years as from the date of passing the punishment, both the prior and subsequent offences falling under the same sub-section, and if the Court is to inflict the punishment of imprisonment for the subsequent offence, the punishment to be inflicted upon him shall, if the punishment inflicted by the judgment for the prior offence was imprisonment of not less than six months, be increased by one-half of the punishment imposed upon him by the Court for the subsequent offence:

  1. Offences Relating to the Security of the Kingdom as provided in Section 107 to Section 135;
  2. Offences against Officials as provided in Section 136 to Section 146;
  3. Malfeasance in Office as provided in Section 147 to Section 166;
  4. Offences Against Judicial Officials as provided in Section 167 to Section 192 and Section 194;
  5. Malfeasance in Judicial Office as provided in Section 200 to Section 204;
  6. Offences Relating to Public Peace as provided in Section 209 to Section 216;
  7. Offences Relating to Causing Public Dangers as provided in Section 217 to Section 224, Section 226 to Section 234, and Section 236 to Section 238;
  8. Offences Relating to Currency as provided in Section 240 to Section 249, and Offences Relating to Seals, Stamps and Tickets as provided in Section 250 to Section 261, and
  9. Offences Relating to Documents as provided in Section 264 to Section 269;
  10. Offences Relating to Trade as provided in Section 270 to Section 275;
  11. Offences Relating to Sexuality as provided in Section 276 to Section 285;
  12. Offences against Life as provided in Sections 288 to Section 290 and Section 294,
  13. Offences against Body as provided in Section 295 to Section 299, Offences Relating to Abortion as provided in Section 301 to Section 303, and Offences Relating to Abandonment of Children, Sick Persons or Aged Persons as provided in Section 306 to Section 308;
  14. Offences against Liberty as provided in Section 309, Section 310 and Section 312 to Section 320;
  15. Offences against Property as provided in Section 334 to Section 365.

Section 94. Minors

The offence committed by negligence, petty offence and offence committed by the offender while not to be over seventeen years of age, irrespective of whether the prior offence or the subsequent offence, shall not be deemed as the offence so as to increase the punishment under the provisions of this Chapter.