Section Code: FBA List 1 and List 2

Foreign Business Act,
B.E. 2542 (1999)


List One: Businesses stricto sensu not permissible to foreigners by special reason

  1. The Press, radio broadcasting station or radio and television station business
  2. Rice farming, plantation or crop growing
  3. Livestock farming
  4. Forestry and timber processing from a natural forest
  5. Fishery, only in respect of the catchment of aquatic animals in Thai waters and specific economic zones of Thailand
  6. Extraction of Thai medicinal herbs
  7. Trading and auction sale of antique objects of Thailand or objects of historical value of the country
  8. Making or casting Buddha Images and monk alms‐bowls
  9. Land trading

List Two: Businesses related to national safety or security or having impacts on arts, culture, traditions, customs and folklore handicrafts or natural resources and the environment

Chapter 1: Businesses related to National Safety or Security

  1. Production, distribution and maintenance of:
    1. firearms, ammunition, gun powders and explosives;
    2. components of firearms, ammunition and explosives;
    3. armaments, ships, aircraft or vehicles for military use;
    4. equipment or components of all types of war materials
  2. Domestic transportation by land, water or air, including domestic aviation

Chapter 2: Businesses Having Impacts on Arts, Culture, Traditions, Customs and Folklore Handicrafts

  1. Trading of antiques or artistic objects that are artistic works or handicrafts of Thailand
  2. Production of wood carvings
  3. Silkworm raising, production of Thai silk yarn, weaving of Thai silk or printing of Thai silk patterns
  4. Production of Thai musical instruments
  5. Production of goldware, silverware, nielloware, bronzeware or lacquerware
  6. Production of crockery or porcelains representing Thai arts and culture

Chapter 3: Businesses Having Impacts on Natural Resources or the Environment

  1. Production of sugar from sugar cane
  2. Salt farming, including non‐sea salt farming
  3. Production of rock salt
  4. Mining, including rock blasting or rock crushing
  5. Timber processing for production of furniture and utensils