27 Apr

Provisional Release FAQ: Security Deposit

How to surrender the security for bail?
In case of using land title deed, Nor Sor 3 or Nor Sor 3 Kor, it is necessary to obtain the price appraisal letter being issued within the period not …

27 Apr

Provisional Release FAQ: Security Used to Request Release

What security can be used to request provisional release for the accused or defendant?

Any other securities as follows:

land title deed, certificate of land utilization (Nor Sor 3 Ko …

27 Apr

Provisional Release FAQ: Required Documents

Who is entitled to apply for provisional release?

An accused or defendant;
Any interested person (e.g. parents, descendant, husband, wife, relatives, person of superior rank, employer, rela …

27 Apr

Provisional Release FAQ: Application Process

Is filing of an application for provisional release complicated?
Not at all, a public relations officer of the Court of Justice may provide information on steps of application for provisiona …

27 Apr

What is an Application for Provisional Release?

Such application is for provisional release without bail, or with bail, or with bail and security submitted to the court to consider for a release of an accused or a defendant for a specifie …